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M. Sellamuthu Rajendran

M. Sellamuthu Rajendran






GLOBAL MARINE CONSULTANCY AND SERVICES(WWW.GMCS.IN) The company provides services in various Marine related Survey / Consultancy fields, some of which are listed hereunder. We are competent enough with our blend of experience and expertise in shipping, insurance and risk management, we can undertake a vast variety of assignment from our prospective clients and perform with complete diligence and sincerity to their satisfaction, while still maintaining our independent integrity. Our jobs are: Cargo Damaged Surveys Loss Prevention & Control Surveys Pre-Shipment Condition Surveys Steel Survey Specialists (Loading/Discharging & Claims) Out-Turn Surveys & Hatch Opening Surveys Loading Surveys Including Lashing & Securing General Cargo/Loading/Discharging Surveys & Claims Services Refrigerated Cargo Loading/Discharging Surveys & Claims Services Packing Suitability Surveys L/C Compliance On Condition & Quantity Of Goods For Shipment Container Damage Surveys Heavy Lift Cargoes: Stowage/Lashing/Securing & Claims Services Supercargo Duties: Loading/Discharging Supervision Grain Loading & Stability Calculation Surveys 3rd Party Liability Surveys Injury & Death Surveys Accident Investigation Approval Of Repair Accounts Hull Damage Inspection/Claims(Large & Small Vessels) Bunker Surveys Draft & Deadweight Surveys On Hire/Off Hire Ship Surveys On Hire/Off Hire Container Surveys Cargo Measurement/Cargo Tally Investigate Pilferage/Theft & Contamination Dangerous Goods Expert Expert Reports & Expert Testimony Vessel pre-purchase / trading condition surveys Supervision of ship repairs General and particular average Approval of repair specifications New building supervision Pre-load Survey Post-discharging Survey Survey on Seaworthiness of Cargo Hold cleanliness Survey Lashing survey Loading / Unloading general cargo, bulk cargo, project cargo, containers Hold cleaning Lashing / Unlashing Cargo Trimming